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Type: Book
edited by David A. McDonald
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How do we provide effective public services in a deeply neoliberal world? In the wake of the widespread failure of privatization efforts, societies in the global South are increasingly seeking progressive ways of recreating the public sector. From communities holding the state accountable for public health in rural Guatemala, to waste pickers in India and decentralized solar electricity initiatives in Africa, the essays in this collection offer probing insights into the complex ways in which people are building genuine alternatives to privatization.
edited by Satoko Kishimoto, Emanuele Lobina and Olivier Petitjean, 2015
edited by David McDonald, 2014
edited by Greg Ruiters and Robert van Niekerk, 2012
edited by David A. McDonald and Greg Ruiters, 2012
edited by Martin Pigeon, David A. McDonald, Olivier Hoedeman and Satoko Kishimoto, 2012
edited by Greg Ruiters, 2011
David A. McDonald, 2008
David A. McDonald, 2008
David McDonald and Greg Ruiters, 2004
Melanie Samson, 2003
edited by David A. McDonald and John Pape, 2002
edited by David A. McDonald, 2002