Our video looks at the challenges and benefits of reclaiming public water in Buenos Aires and Paris. © Dent de Cuir 2013
Water remunicipalisation works!

After the failures of privatization, municipalities worldwide are taking back public control of their water systems and democratizing services

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Our research explores public health system alternatives for more equitable outcomes. © Dent de Cuir 2013
From private coverage to public care
– rather than the private sellout of health systems – - See more at: http://municipalservicesproject.org/public-finance#sthash.U2RUfxkG.dpuf
The universal health coverage agenda opens the door for privatization of public health systems in the global South. Re-imagining public health care is the way forward.


Our most recent animation video asks: Are public services still public?

© Dent de Cuir 2015

Questioning corporatization

The creation of arm's-length public utilities has become a worldwide trend. Is this a positive development in the struggle for equitable services? Or a slippery slope toward privatization?

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Title Jakarta: After the court rulings.
July 13, 2015
Jakarta, Indonesia
Title Eau publique, eau d’avenir.
June 23, 2015
Title Chinese activists advocate for water remunicipalisation.
June 17, 2015

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June 17, 2015
México: Por el derecho a la salud. El reportaje "Por el derecho a la Salud" aborda el proceso neoliberal de reforma y privatización del sector salud mexicano, impulsado hace casi 30 años. Las políticas de salud en el país han sido reorientadas hacia la mercantilización de los espacios que pueden dejar ganancias económicas. El impacto de esa situación se expresa en una profundización de las inequidades y desigualdades en salud, sustentadas en un modelo excluyente que tiene como base la injusticia social.
April 8, 2015
Right to water in El Salvador: Time is running out. Yanira Cortez, the Deputy Attorney for the office of the Human Rights Ombudsperson, describes the water crisis in El Salvador as “a ticking bomb.” In a recent report, environmental and social justice activists describe how they are in a race against time to push for legal reforms that can help to preserve what are left of El Salvador’s dwindling freshwater supplies.
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